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Our Parent Company

Since 2007 ODS Metering Systems B.V. is member of Klöckner & Co, the largest producer-independent distributor of steel and metal and one of the leading steel service center companies worldwide. Based on its distribution and service network of more than 150 locations in 13 countries, the Group supplies more than 100,000 customers with an annual turnover of €5.1 billion in 2020.

Our History

The roots of our company go back to the year 1875 with a steel trading company named H.E. Oving. From those early roots the foundation of ODS B.V. emerged through 1972 with amalgamation of H.E. Oving with two other organisations named W.B. Diepeveen & Co and Struycken & Co NV.

A department ‘Instrumentation’ has been active in trading flow instruments for gas and liquid applications since the early 1950’s. For this purpose a dedicated service and calibration group was established with their own NMI certified calibration facility in the same period.

Due to changing market situation and client demands for delivering complete integrated metering solutions, ODS Metering Systems was established in 1990’s providing custody transfer flow metering systems for the oil & gas industry. Our long history and more than 65 years of operational experience have resulted in metering solutions that are based on field-proven technologies and results of sustained developmental efforts.

In 2019 ODS acquired GSD (Global Systems Development), a company specialized in metering control software, gas analyzer systems and metering services. With the acquisition we have in-house expertise of Metering Operation and Management Software (MOMS) to digitalize your metering systems .


As an independent fiscal measurement solutions provider ODS Metering Systems B.V. offers unique combination of expertise in mechanical engineering, instrumentation, electrical engineering and process automation. Together with our application knowledge, lab & field calibration facilities and worldwide service capabilities, we offer our clients the best possible technical and economical concept-to-commissioning custody transfer metering and control solutions.

ODS Metering Systems B.V. has expertise in designing, manufacturing, delivering and commissioning (fiscal) metering systems, metering control systems equipped with flow computers and HMI supervisory systems, proving and validation systems, in-line analyzer and sampling systems and other related equipment. Our systems are used to measure all kinds of liquids and gases such as crude oil, natural gas, refined products, biofuels, hydrogen, CO2, water, etc.

ODS Metering Systems B.V. is a specialist in understanding and implementation of all available high performance metering technologies such as; Turbine, Coriolis (mass), Ultrasonic, Positive Displacement, Orifice meters, Venturi meters, V- Cone meters to be integrated with Analyzers and Sampling systems and Metering Control Systems.

An unmatched combination of industry knowledge, project management skills, hands-on experience and customer-focused commitment, makes ODS Metering Systems a reliable choice for an integrated solution provider to manage high-performance custody transfer flow measurement and control applications effectively.

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