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Flow Metering Solutions

ODS Metering Systems is a specialized engineering contractor for design, construction and commissioning of field-proven innovative solutions for Custody Transfer Flow Measurement in the worldwide energy industry. With our independent position towards available metering technologies we are able to offer you an optimized and fit-for-purpose metering package.

Metering Design Challenges

A custody transfer metering system is an engineered solution and its design depends on the specific application that it is used for. A complete custody transfer metering system is not just based on a type of flow meter. As a system it has to be designed, built and operated to maintain the performance integrity (measurement uncertainty) throughout its life cycle. Due considerations are to be given not just for operational features of the system but also to practical applicability of the adopted solution during validation and proving, which is most critical aspect to maintain the measurement certainty and thereby comply with statutory regulations. Besides the flow measurement, also fluid quality shall be determined in order to compute the fiscal value of the product. Finally, the measurement data is to be organized, stored, compensated to standard or normal conditions and applied for billing. All components within the system are forming a complex whole and the individual choices can even be conflicting.

We firmly believe that best way to positively impact a project’s cost is to make the right decisions very early in the process. As a leader in the design and construction of custody transfer metering systems we are able to provide a holistic view of the metering package in its entirety – select the right metering technologies, make the right engineering choices, and work backwards from operations and installation to design, thus avoiding costly changes during execution. Let’s talk. We are eager to take your project further.

Metering principle

The type and size of a flow meter is based on fluid properties, required system uncertainty, flow rate, pressure drop, maintenance, proving requirements and more. Our engineers have in-depth knowledge of all meter types, such as the Positive Displacement meter (PD meter), Turbine meter, Ultrasonic Flow meter (UFM), Coriolis meter, Orifice meter, V-Cone meter, Ventury meter etc.

Metering skid

A metering skid is the assembly of the flow meter with all metering related equipment on a frame or module. They are designed to achieve the lowest uncertainty and to optimize operation and maintenance costs. The metering skid includes equipment for flow conditioning, filtration, automated or manual operational sequences, draining, venting, safety, maintenance, lifting, proving, sampling etc. While onshore space is not an issue, offshore metering skids often require minimum footprint and weight. ODS design and fabricate customized skid solutions based on your specific needs!

Proving and calibration

During its operating lifetime, a flow meter must be validated and calibrated at certain intervals to guarantee the reliability and uncertainty of the system. The validation methodology with its calibration intervals is a delicate matter and shall carefully be specified. Validation and proving is not just an operational issue, but is playing a major role in the design of the metering system.

Sampling and Analysis

Like quantity, the quality of the fluid (especially in hydrocarbons) is of equal importance when it comes to determining its fiscal value. ODS offer full custody transfer metering package including Sampling and Analyser systems.

Metering Control System

One of the most critical items for an optimum performance and operability of a Fiscal Metering System is the Metering Control System. The design of a Metering Control System depends on various functional applications and requirements. As an independent integrator, we can meet end users preferences for Flow Computer, PLC and HMI manufactures and supply a Metering Control System fully in line with the preferred operator infrastructure.

Availability and Operability

The custody transfer metering system has to be installed and operated in the hazardous field environment. Hence in addition to its function (metering) related design considerations, the system design has to be assessed and developed in context of several external influences such as; availability, maintenance possibilities, safety procedures, ATEX and Ingress Protection, etc.  ODS offer basic and detailed engineering of metering solutions to fulfill all your specific requirements.

Codes, Standards and Regulations

All our systems are designed and built in strict compliance to project specifications and applicable international codes, standards and regulations e.g. API MPMS, AGA, ISO, MID, NPD, NORSOK, ANP, DPR, OIML, OGA (DECC), DTI, W&M, CE, PED, ATEX, SIRIM, DMF, QUATEST, etc. Furthermore, ODS is well conversant with Class Approval regulations such as ABS, DNV, BV, LR, etc.

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  • FSO
  • Platform / MOPU / TLP
  • Oil Production Plant
  • Oil Refinery
  • Gas Processing Plant
  • Petrochemical Plant
  • Terminal
  • Tank Farm
  • Pipeline
  • Hydrogen plant
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • FPSO Relocation Refurbishments
  • MID Approval
  • Prover Overhaul
  • Metering Control System Upgrades