Metering Operation Management System

MOMS® is an independent Metering Operating & Management System software package. It typically runs as a layer on top of a metering supervisory system / HMI system or on a separate server for maximum compatibility. MOMS® is developed to assist the operator with the day to day operation and maintenance activities.

  • Create a metrological database
  • Verify live system performance
  • Manage maintenance activities
  • Enhance to smart factory / Industry 4.0
  • and much more….

Why MOMS®?

  • Prevent mismeasurement losses
  • Ensure traceability and auditability
  • Avoid exposure to penalties
  • Minimize downtime
  • Optimize maintenance activities
  • Enable compliance to with ISO-10012
  • Manage spare parts
  • Gain insight in real time performance
  • Limit human errors

MOMS® can be used from a single metering stream system to multiple metering systems that are installed on a variety of metering locations.


For single locations we developed MOMSonsite®. The Onsite version can be used for single stream applications to multiple metering systems with a combination of metering principles and technologies.


To connect multiple MOMSonsite® metering systems on different locations or multiple servers we offer MOMSenterprise®. This allows for a complete control and overview, in a centralized location such as a head-office, to all your MOMSonsite® equipped metering systems worldwide.

MOMS Client customization

Every metering application is different with laws and regulations varying from location to location. Each MOMS® application will be custom designed according applicable local- and client requirements.

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