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Offshore Metering

Offshore Oil and Gas Metering Systems are characterized as the most challenging metering designs for its peculiar requirements that are needed in offshore environments such as corrosion resistance, compact  size, minimum weight, in-situ proving and on-time delivery. ODS is market leader in offshore custody transfer oil and gas metering packages having an offshore installed base of over 250 metering systems. A metering skid that is installed offshore often has integrated facilities for proving, sampling and analysis and a common Metering Control System.

Crude Oil Metering Skid (LACT)


Measurement on Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units typically includes a custody transfer crude oil offloading metering skid and gas import/export flow metering skid. Due to space and weight contraints on board of a FPSO, a meter prover is often integrated in the metering skid. The quality of the fluids can be measured by a Sampling and Analysis system.

ODS is also specialized in the delivery of all allocation, operational and process metering systems that can be required on a FPSO, such as metering systems for flare gas, separators, injection, discharge fluids, etc. A common Metering Control System is used to provide a  platform for operation and maintenance of the metering systems.

Oil Metering Skid (LACT)


Without oil processing units, the offloading metering skid is a major module on board of a FSO. Crude oil offloading from a Floating Storage and Offloading (FSO) unit is of the same quantity and flow rates as can be found on a FPSO. Compared to an FPSO however, the available footprint on board of a FSO unit usually is  bigger. Hence, the precautions with regards to size and weight of a metering skid are of less importance. The overall design is equal and systems are often supplied with a meter prover, a Sampling system and a Metering Control System.

Platform, MOPU and TLP

Fixed or mobile platforms normally are connected with the mainland by pipelines. Because the oil and gas flows are continuous the metering station is typically smaller than an intermittent offloading metering station. To guarantee the non-stop product transfer, the importance of the metering system availability is of significant importance. Together with the additional regulations as set by the pipeline owners, metering systems on platforms are of equal complexity as other offshore applications.


Transportation and distribution of LNG is one of the key challenges in the oil and gas industry. Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (FLNG)  production vessels  and Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU) are  used to maintain a flexible and connecting LNG infrastructure. Due to the low temperature of the fluid, metering systems for LNG are usually cryogenic systems. ODS offer metering systems for LNG such as custody transfer metering systems, boil-off gas meters etc.