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Flow Meter Calibration

For calibration of Custody Transfer Flow Meters (gas and liquids) we offer complete calibration services worldwide. Under the supervision of ODS, flow meters of many custody transfer metering system users are calibrated in accredited national and international testing laboratories. Beside flow meter calibrations, ODS Metering Systems perform calibrations of provers with our own waterdraw apparatus, master meter and/or gravimetrical calibration equipment in association with NMi or other NOBO. All calibrations are fully traceable to international acceptable standards.

Beside calibration of flow meters we can also calibrate your prover.

ODS Calibration facility

Making your flow meter MID approved

ODS Metering Systems owns and operates stationary calibration facilities certified by NMi (Dutch Institute for Measurement and Weights). These facilities are used to calibrate process and custody transfer flow meters of any make and model on water or oil. Our installations are traceable to international standards. Please contact us for more information.

compact prover on truck

Mobile prover

Your meters can also be calibrated at site by the ODS mobile compact prover that is mounted on a truck. The compact prover is suitable for liquid custody transfer meters that are used in petrochemical plants, terminals and refineries up to a maximum flow rate of 800 m³/h. In case you are looking for an on-site calibration, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recalibration contracts

Under the supervision of ODS Calibration Services, flow meters of many customers are calibrated in accredited national and international testing laboratories. We support client with flow meter removal, shipment, calibration, certification and reinstallation. We invite you to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise, and let us take care of your calibration challenges. ODS is familiar with leading calibration institutes such as: Euroloop (NMi), Trapil, SPSE, Pigsar (EOn Ruhrgas), Cameron Caldon Ultrasonics Technology Centre (Cameron CUTC), GL Noble Denton Flow Centre, E+H Flowtec AG, SPSE, TÜVNEL, Gasunie Engineering & Technology (GET), Advantica Flow Centre, Force, Trans-Canada Calibrations Ltd (TCC) etc.