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Upgrades and Refurbishments

ODS offer refurbishment and upgrade of your metering system including flow meter, instrumentation, prover, valves, sampling and analysis equipment, flow computers and HMI system. Starting with a field-inspection and refurbishment proposal, ODS take the responsibility until the final recalibration and recertification of the metering system.

flow meter inspection

FPSO Relocation Refurbishment

When a FPSO or FSO is relocated to another field, the metering system may need an upgrade or refurbishment. Since it is designed in accordance to certain process conditions and parameters, its suitability for the new environment and functionality shall be evaluated. As an independent integrator, ODS offer in-depth knowledge of all metering techniques and brands. We can assist you with inspection, suitability reports, redesign, installation, upgrade, recalibration and recertification of your metering system. Whether there is need for a full system upgrade or replacement of a single part, ODS is uniquely positioned due to its independence towards component suppliers to make an objective assessment and make unbiased recommendation.

MID approval

For existing metering systems that shall be certified according the European Measurement Instrument Directive (MID), ODS offer full MID certification process. Even if we may not be the initial manufacturer of the system, ODS takes the full responsibility for the approval process. MID certification includes inspection of the existing system, upgrade, certification and approval by Notified Body (NOBO).

bidirectional prover

Prover overhaul

Despite the fact that a pipe prover is a robust type of prover, the calibrated section is a delicate part and of crucial importance for the total uncertainty of a metering system. Any small deviation in calibrated volume results in mismeasurement of the flow meter. Since the prover is a mechanical device with a prover sphere moving from one side to the other, wear and tear cannot be avoided. Typical wear and tear parts are the prover piping internal, the detector switches and the four way valve. As a manufacturer of sphere provers, ODS offer in-field inspections and full overhaul of prover systems.

Metering Control System Upgrades

The most delicate part of the metering systems is the Metering Control System and due to its fast changing environment it is also the part that needs regular performance checks and upgrades. The primary objective for upgrading your Metering Control Systems is to enhance the reliability, efficiency and safety environment of your metering system according the latest standards. ODS offer replacement of obsolete Flow Computers, Supervisory servers and HMI Software to the latest in the market. Design, installation and testing can be done in parallel to your existing system in order to avoid any loss of communication.

metering control system