5 years anniversary ODS Saudi Company

Exactly 5 years ago today, on 21 January 2016, we launched ODS Saudi Company, a subsidiary of ODS Metering Systems. This constitutes a milestone in 20 years of cooperation with major clients in the oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia. The 5th anniversary is a great time to consider what we have achieved with our clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues.  

How it all began
ODS made its first steps on the Saudi market in late nineties of the past century. Together with our lifetime partner in the Kingdom, UBSCO, we succeed to become a Saudi Aramco approved supplier in 2001. In the following years we supplied over 200+ custody transfer flow metering systems to our Saudi clients from our head office in the Netherlands. All engineering, manufacturing, assembly and testing activities were done in the Netherlands and after completion the systems were shipped to Saudi.

Invitation to open Saudi office
On invitation of Saudi Aramco we started the first discussions in 2014 to open an ODS facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It took two years before we actually established ODS Saudi Company, opened an office in Al Khobar and hired our first Saudi staff in 2016. Berry van Hoek, COO ODS Metering Systems, was involved in the establishment and operations of ODS Saudi Company and has seen the local office grow:  “Five years sounds as a relative short period but when you look back at the milestones that we achieved in that time frame, it feels like we have been running our Saudi office for ages.”

Challenging year
Although ODS is operating several other abroad offices, the challenges in Saudi have been from a different type than experienced before. “We have committed ourselves to the In Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) program of achieving 70% local content in 2021. Due to circumstances outside our control it will be difficult to achieve the full 70% local content in the coming year but we made great steps in knowledge transfer, local fabrication, increasing our test and services capabilities that we wouldn’t have achieved by such high objectives,” notes Berry van Hoek.

Returning clients
“It is great to see how we developed in five years’ time from an office of 10m² to an office and workshop facility of 7000m²,” Berry van Hoek says, “It is even greater to see that this workshop is currently fully occupied with systems waiting to be delivered to our clients. The best thing is that we are welcoming repeating customers to or facility. That is for us a positive indication that our clients are appreciating what we do.”

People first
Provide clients the best possible solutions is still ODS’ number one priority. Berry van Hoek states that “ODS is not the largest company in Saudi but with our commitment and dedication to our clients we offer a great combination of being a company where people are still the first priority and offering competence and experience that you normally only would expect for a company that is ten times larger than ODS.”

Moving forward
Berry van Hoek looks forward to the plans, projects and personal connections yet to come: “We have big plans for the coming five years and we keeps on investing in a continuous improvement of our Saudi organization. When the energy market recovers from its current situation we want to be ready for the projects that will come together with our partners. From this side thanks to all our partners, colleagues and clients that made ODS Saudi possible. Hope to see you all soon in good health!”

Looking forward to the next 5 years!

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ODS Saudi Company
ODS Saudi Company