Customized Ammonia metering skid

Recently we’ve concluded the final testing for an Ammonia Metering Skid in the Middle East. This was truly an international project where our client is based in Canada and end user in the Middle East. Efforts of our execution team along with close co-ordination with our offices in the Netherlands and Middle East ensured that the project was seamlessly completed with satisfied stakeholders.

Here are some key points related to this project:

  • Due to the space limitations at site, ODS ensured that the skid was designed to fit the allocated footprint;
  • The design is based on a 2×100% Coriolis metering system with all the necessary field instrumentation;
  • A fully redundant metering control system comprising of flow computers and supervisory computers is included;
  • Complete skid insulation (to be installed before dispatch) due to the low operating temperature of ammonia.

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