Other than the typical Oil and Gas measurement, ODS also supplies custody transfer measurement for alternative applications. A recent example is the energy transport of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is one of the forerunners of environmental friendly energy transport, it has a high efficiency with a low no carbon footprint which is good for the environment.

ODS Metering Systems delivered a Custody Transfer Hydrogen measurement package, containing a single stream measurement skid, an fully equipped analyser shelter and a remote control cabinet all installed in Southern part the Netherlands. The challenging part of this package was, that there are no calibration facilities which can calibrate on Hydrogen. Therefor we calibrated the complete meter run at a ISO17025 accredited laboratory using natural gas as a refence. To achieve the highest accuracy, we applied the latest technology in Ultrasonic.

The client has to report in mass flow, therefor we integrated a field gas chromatograph to analyse the online gas composition and calculate the density. The below pictures show the metering stream and analyser shelter during the Factory Acceptance Test.

H2 skid workshop
H2 Gas Chromatograph
H2 Shelter