Hydrogen metering skid succesfully delivered

We are excited to announce that we have yet another hydrogen metering system ready for one of our important client’s in the Middle East.

Metering systems for hydrogen gas

Although ODS is completely focused on delivering metering solutions, our work is never the same or dull. We are always thrilled when there is a new project, since each of the systems have their own unique design to cater best to client requirements.

Hydrogen metering system aspects

Here are some key points related to this project:
➜ The project has been delivered against a very sharp timeline by the efforts of our execution team. It took us 24-26 weeks to deliver the complete project from start to finish;
➜ The design is based on a 1 x 100% Coriolis metering system incl. a bypass line. One of the peculiar aspects of the design was its bi-directional capability;
➜ On account of Covid-19, we facilitated a remote FAT of the package where the clients had a virtual walk around the skid along with a complete review of the control system functionality.

Interested to know more about our solutions? Find out more here about our flow meter solutions, services and references. For more details on such bi-directional/hydrogen metering designs or business opportunities, please contact Siddhartha.Bhattacharyya@kloeckner.com.

Hydrogen metering system