More than ‘just’ Calibration – Itron turbine meter refurbishment

Is your flow meter up for (re-)calibration, or a health check due to poor performances? ODS Metering Systems provides a full package of services including inspection, cleaning, overhaul, maintenance and repair of flow meters. Here is a highlight into the process of calibrating Itron gas turbine meters.

Besides the Elster turbine meters that are often send to us for maintenance and calibration, we offer our services for all flow meter types including Itron turbine meters.

Our facility in the Netherlands offers a complete overhaul of our clients flow meters. This includes cleaning/maintenance/repair/re-painting and calibration if applicable.

As found calibrations can be performed in order to find the ‘error’ in measurement of the time period since last calibration.

If no ‘as found’ is required, each flow meter is checked for proper functioning at our facility before sending it to the calibration facility. Possible wear on the bearings, shaft or damaged rotor blades is a common factor for a faulty calibration. With an oscilloscope the pulse counters are tested and if needed repaired, interchanged or adjusted.

Any defect that influences the flow meters accuracy is repaired prior to ‘as left’ calibration.

Low- and high pressure gas Calibrations

Both low- and high pressure calibrations can be performed, depending on the clients desire.

For some clients, a high- and a low pressure calibration is required. An example is the Itron turbine meter displayed in this article, which was subject to Belgian law.

Before Refurbishment

Itron Turbine Meter

After Refurbishment

Itron turbine meter


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