ODS Saudi Company completes metering package for Saudi Aramco

Last week ODS Saudi Company, subsidiary of ODS Metering Systems, delivered the first metering package to Saudi Aramco after receiving the Aramco plant approval in April 2019. Zohaib Iqbal, account manager ODS Saudi Company: “We are very delighted to have successfully delivered our first metering system to Saudi Aramco in less than 10 months after our plant approval.”

Contributing to In-Kingdom Total Value Added (IKTVA)   

ODS Saudi Company is established in 2016. The core business of ODS Metering Systems, the parent company of ODS Saudi Company, is custody transfer measurement all over the world. “We are committed to service our clients globally and strive to provide local support and fabrication wherever needed. Our ODS Saudi Arabia Company is the perfect example of how we can cater to our clients in Saudi Arabia.  Together with our facility in Dubai we are well established to serve all our clients in the MENA region. In the past we already successfully delivered 200 plus Metering Packages to Saudi Arabia which are fully functional and currently in operations. This latest metering package is the first that was fabricated locally in full compliance with Saudi Aramco standards. Our expertise and experience in Saudi Arabia together with our IKTVA (In Kingdom Total Value Added) contribution makes ODS Metering Systems one of the leading suppliers in Saudi Arabia,” says Zohaib.

Details of the Sales Gas Metering System:

  • Design flow rate 24MMSCFD
  • 1 x 100% Orifice meter (double chamber) and 1 x orifice meter with (single chamber) for by bass line and 2 x 100% FCV Skid
  • Field Control Panel with flow computers and HMI
  • Analyser shelter with Gas Chromatographs
  • Complete design in accordance with SAES / SAMMS

Looking for metering solutions in Saudi Arabia? Please contact Zohaib Iqbal: zohaib.iqbal@kloeckner.com.

About ODS Metering Systems

As an global independent fiscal measurement solutions provider ODS offers the best possible technical and economical concept-to-commissioning custody transfer metering and control solutions for the oil and gas industry. An unmatched combination of industry knowledge, project management skills, hands-on experience and customer-focused commitment, makes ODS Metering Systems a reliable choice for an integrated solution provider to manage high-performance custody transfer flow measurement and control applications effectively.