Oil offloading metering package completed

ODS Metering Systems successfully designed, engineered, fabricated and delivered an high capacity crude oil offloading metering system. This Custody Transfer metering system will be installed on a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel destined for operation in Guyana.

The metering system is equipped with 16” helical turbine flowmeters in four parallel streams for a maximum flow rate of 9.000 m³/hr. The turbine meters are automatically calibrated every offload by the bi-directional sphere prover that is integrated on the metering skid. A flow proportional sampling system takes samples of the crude oil for quality analysis in a laboratory.

The metering skid is delivered on time and without outstanding work.

Oil offloading skid transportation
Oil Offloading skid in crane
Oil Offloading skid lifted by a crane