Best practices remote FAT

At ODS, our mission is to deliver world class custody transfer systems and we ensure that our clients get a thorough check of the system before it dispatches from our facility. Amidst the ongoing pandemic and the travel restrictions in various countries, it is difficult for us to invite our clients to our facilities for inspection. During such a scenario, a remote Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is the solution to ensure that our clients get a satisfactory check of the systems that they are purchasing.

What did we achieve?
Complete functional test of the Panel along with the Supervisory Computers using Simulators and test equipment.

How was the response on the remote FAT from our clients?
The clients were happy and satisfied that ODS was able to demonstrate all the tests virtually especially having hands-on the system remotely to view the reports/navigate through the screens etc.

What were the main challenges faced during the remote FAT?
As the clients, project team and Panel testing team were joining in from different time zones, it needed everyone’s co-operation for its success. The visual inspection of the Panel took some extra time as each and every component was individually focused and displayed over a video call. 

How can the process be improvised?
To have a multi-camera setup in the testing bays with remote switching option for each user, to have real like testing experience.

Our commissioning engineer’s opinion if remote FAT is the future of control system inspections?
Definitely, it is the future of doing inspections. There was a misconception that the testing will be compromised if there is no physical presence, which is not the case. In the current digital world each and every equipment is accessible from the HMI (Supervisory Computer) to which a remote control access can be provided to the client as was in this case, which gives them the control and feel of the complete system. It saves a lot of travelling time/cost which can be utilized towards actual testing of the system. This does not detract from the fact that we prefer the physical presence of our clients. Collaborate side by side and interact about metering systems is where the magic happens.

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