Unique CO₂ measuring and pressure regulating system

Last month we finalized the delivery of a CO₂ measuring and pressure regulating system. The system ensures supply of CO₂ at a stable flow, temperature and pressure to various green houses in the Netherlands

Better environment
CO₂ is an important nutrient to green houses. The demand of CO₂ is the greatest during the summer, when plants require the most CO₂ due to long sunny days and optimal growing conditions. Instead of burning natural gas, green houses now reuse CO₂ from industrial resources through pipelines. We are proud that our system contributes to this initiative and a better environment.

Metering challenge succeeded 
The limited space on-site required a very compact skid, which was a challenge for our project team. According to Abdel, one of our project engineers in the picture: “The success of a project is the result of our multidisciplinary teamwork.”

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